Second Story

They claimed Fallon had won the game’s $600.00 pot by cheating, an act that justified his death for them.

Ginger has a good disposition, friendly and likeable to all people, really. She is diligent as a worker, smart and helpful, too. She likes other people and always tries to be a servant to them, but her greatest passion is listening to stories, listening to their stories brings her so much joy! She always has time to listen to the many story tellers she meets as travelers through the woods, going from one city, through her woods, to the next city. Ginger feels meeting story tellers is a real advantage to living full time in the woods as she does.

One time, Ginger met an eight year old boy named,  Robert, sent from his home to spend the summer months with his aunt, a farmer on the outer edges of a nearby city where he’d tend her crops spraying for bugs and clearing the variety of weeds that also wanted to share her fields with the more delicate crops he must protect from aggressive weeds.

Robert had time to share several fantastic stories with Ginger about snow covered bridges, giant creatures who lived in snow capped mountains with the tiniest of folks who were their pocket sized servants and communicated with many talking animals and the like. Robert told Ginger stories about glass slippers, golden rings, silver cups, and jeweled crowns. But his best story ever was totally unbelievable, amazing and truly unforgettable all rolled into one! And guess what? Robert swore it was a totally true story, in fact he promised Ginger it was an absolutely true story!

Robert’s story was about a gambler that he actually knew. The gambler was a poker player who lived not too far away, in the next city. His last name was Fallon. One night Mr. Fallon was playing in the city’s high stakes poker game. During the poker game, he was shot dead, an act of revenge by the other players who felt sure they had been cheated by Mr. Fallon. They claimed Fallon had won the game’s $600.00 pot by cheating, an act that justified his death for them.

With Fallon’s seat empty, and none of the other players willing to take the now considered unlucky $600.00 of Fallon’s ill-gotten gains; they found a new player to take his place in the game and they staked the new player with the dead man’s money.

By the time the police arrived to investigate the killing of Fallon, the new player had turned the dead man’s $600.00 into more than $2, 200.00 in winnings. When the police demanded the original $600.00 of winnings for evidence and for passing it on to Fallon’s next of kin, they discovered the new player was actually Fallon’s own son, Robert Fallon Junior, who had not seen his father in more than twenty years, since his third birthday.

When he’d finished telling her the gambler’s story, Ginger asked Robert, only one question. She asked him,

“What did your father buy with all that money?”

But all Robert said about it was,

“Well, we aren’t farmers, that’s for sure!”picgingerpigtails



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